The IAGA Scientific Assembly in Toulouse, 18-29 July 2005

Scientific Programme

The titles and authors of contributed papers, and the timetables of the oral and poster sessions at the Assembly, can be viewed via the links in the list below, and by then using the 'Public Links'. There have been changes in the timetable since the version printed in IAGA News 41 and in the Third Circular, so you are advised to confirm the final timings of sessions of interest to you by using the links below.

Spreadsheet views (one-page pdf files) of the timetables for:

  • Week 1 (Monday, 18 to Friday, 22 July)
  • Week 2 (Monday, 25 to Friday, 29 July)

The symposia titles, descriptions, and names of convenors can also be viewed in separate web pages HERE.

Four Association Lectures are presented during the Assembly.

(The scientific programme for the Toulouse Assembly was originally published in IAGA News 41 in November 2004.)

Timetable of Events and Meetings

(Diagram showing the Division and Working Group names.)

Monday July 18
Opening of the Assembly 1530-1700
Open Reception 1700-1900
IAGA Executive Committee Meeting 1 1800-2000 (Agenda)

Tuesday July 19
Conference of Delegates Meeting 1 1730-1930 (Agenda)

Wednesday July 20
WGI-1, WGI-3
CAWSES Theme 3 (1730-1930)

Thursday July 21
WGI-2, WGI-4

Friday July 22
eGY (electronic Geophysical Year)

Saturday 23 July
International Heliophysical Year (IHY) (0900-1600)
CAWSES (0900-1600)

Monday July 25
Business meetings of all IAGA divisions and inter-divisional commissions

Tuesday July 26
IAGA Executive Committee Meeting 2 1730-1900 (Agenda)

Wednesday July 27
Conference of Delegates Meeting 2 1730-1900 (Agenda)

Thursday July 28
No official meetings

Friday July 29
IAGA Executive Committee Meeting 3 1330-1800 (Agenda)

First Circular for the Assembly (display PDF)

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