IAGA Executive Committee Meetings, Toulouse 2005

Draft Agenda (updated 12 July 2005)

The first meeting on Monday July 18 will start at 1800 with a liaison meeting with the Division/Commission Leaders. The second meeting will be on Tuesday July 26 at 1730, and the third will be held on Friday July 29 at 1330.

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Matters arising from the IAGA Executive Committee meeting held in Paris in July 2004
    1. Appointment of Nomination Committee
    2. Procedures to avoid unacceptable geographical distribution of officers
    3. Brochure in Mandarin and Portugese languages
    4. IDCH
  3. Report from the President
  4. Report from the Secretary General
  5. Matters arising from the IUGG Executive meeting
    1. The Geounions consortium
    2. Admission of a new IUGG Association for Snow and Ice (the Cryosphere)
    3. ION - a new Inter-Association body
    4. GEO, GEOSS, etc.
  6. The future of IAGA, preparations for the CoD meeting (at 1st meeting) and summing up and concluding (at 3rd meeting)
  7. Young scientists' committee
  8. Report of the Finance Committee (chair Robert McPherron)
  9. Accounts of IAGA for 2004
  10. IAGA budgets for 2005-2007
  11. Applications for IAGA co-sponsorship of meetings/workshops
  12. Resolutions committee
  13. Future Assemblies
    1. IUGG 2007 General Assembly
    2. IAGA Scientific Assembly in 2009
  14. The Future of FAGS
  15. eGY and IGY+50
  16. IAGA representation and relationships
    1. CODATA
    2. ION
    3. CMG
    4. SCAR
  17. Visibility of IAGA and marketing (if not covered under "Future")
  18. IAGA web site
  19. IAGA News
  20. IAGA guides
  21. Donations of books and journals
  22. Outreach
    1. Proposal for an Education and Public Outreach Group
    2. Library of video animations and simulations
  23. Procedures of IAGA
  24. Medals
  25. ISO contacts
  26. Reports from the Divisions/Commissions
  27. Reports on IAGA sponsored projects and liaison officers
    1. EMSEV Annual Report 2004
    2. Indonesian geomagnetism seminar
    3. Workshop on vertical coupling, Bath
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