IAGA Publications

IAGA Newsletter

The recent an all former IAGA Newsletter can be downloaded from IAGA newsletter site, or will delivered via email to all IAGA members mailing list subscriber.

IAGA Guides

IAGA has published four practical guides to observation. These may be ordered from the Secretary General and they are also available at the IAGA web site.

IAGA Books

A special book series covering all the IAGA topics resulted from the 2009 IAGA assembly. On the occasion of the IUGG centennial in 2019 a book providing a comprehensive overview of the IAGA fields of research was published.

Selected Proceedings and Special Issues

Several special issues of journals are listed here, which resulted from scientific sessions held at IAGA assemblies.

IAGA Bulletins

IAGA Bulletins and previous IATME Bulletins are a series of publications where tables of the geomagnetic indices, the IGRF models, abstracts and proceedings of scientific meetings and occasionally other information of interest to IAGA were published in the past. At present the list of these publications is incomplete and we would appreciate to receive any information on earlier or missing issues of this publication series.

IAGA Flyer & Poster

IAGA has two publications summarising and illustrating its scientific interests and activities.

Reviews from the Workshops on Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth

Review papers from these workshops since 1972 can be found here.

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