IAGA n Toulouse - The symposia titles, descriptions, and names of convenors

Titles of the Symposia to be held at the IAGA Scientific Assembly in Toulouse: July 18-29, 2005

The headings below provide links to the descriptions and names of convenors of the symposia listed.

(ICMA is the International Commission on the Middle Atmosphere, a component body of IAMAS.)

IAGA & ICMA Joint Symposia

  • JSMA01 Layered phenomena near the mesopause (ICMA and IAGA Division II)
  • JSMA02 Solar variability effects on the middle atmosphere and troposphere (ICMA and IAGA Divisions II and IV)
  • JSMA03 Short-term variability and long-term changes in the lower and middle atmosphere (ICMA and IAGA Division II)
  • JSII01 Vertical coupling of the atmosphere-ionosphere system and solar effects on it (IAGA Division II and ICMA)
  • JSII02 Long-term trends in the upper atmosphere (IAGA Division II and ICMA)

ICMA Symposium

  • MA01 Middle atmosphere science

Division I

  • IDI01 The geodynamo: theory, models, observation and experiment (Divisions I and V)
  • IDI02 Investigation of the deep mantle using long period EM data from observatories, cables, long period MT and satellites (Divisions I and V)
  • IDI03 Magneto-petrology and magnetic anomalies (Divisions I and V)
  • GAI01 Monitoring earthquakes and volcanic activity by magnetic, electric and electromagnetic methods
  • GAI02 EM imaging of volcanoes and active faults
  • GAI03 EM modelling and inversion with applications
  • GAI04 The electric continental lithosphere: geodynamical implications
  • GAI05 EM studies of intraplate collisional zones
  • GAI06 NRM - reliability, stability and geodynamic applications
  • GAI07 Magnetic anisotropy: problems and answers?
  • GAI08 Magnetic dating
  • GAI09 Rock magnetism applied to environmental problems
  • GAI10 Theories, models and experiments in rock magnetism
  • GAI11 Paleointensities - techniques and observations
  • GAI12 Open poster session on paleo-, rock and environmental magnetism

Division II

  • IDII01 Low latitude atmosphere - ionosphere - magnetosphere coupling, dynamics and energetics (including small scale coupling) (Divisions II and III)
  • IDII02 Conjugate and interhemispheric polar studies (Divisions II, III and V)
  • IDII03 Space weather effects on the ionosphere (Division II and IDCDC)
  • IDII04 Electrodynamic processes in the equatorial and low latitudes: Coupling with the global system (Division II and IDCDC)
  • GAII01 Electrical energy deposition processes in the middle and upper atmosphere
  • GAII02 Planetary ionospheres and thermospheres
  • GAII03 Data assimilation techniques for the ionosphere-thermosphere-magnetosphere system

Division III

  • GAIII01 The magnetospheric particle accelerator
  • GAIII.02 Electrodynamics of aurora
  • GAIII03 Magnetic reconnection: conditions and mechanisms
  • GAIII04 Structure and dynamics of the magnetopause and its boundary layers
  • GAIII05 Physics of substorms and current sheet in the near-Earth and mid-tail region
  • GAIII06 Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling dynamics
  • GAIII07 Geomagnetic disturbances, storms and radiation belts
  • GAIII08 Global scale synthesis from models and distributed observations
  • GAIII09 Plasma sources, sinks, and transport
  • GAIII10 Characterizing and forecasting space environment hazards
  • GAIII11 Spacecraft-plasma environment interactions
  • GAIII12 Monitoring and specification of magnetospheric dynamics using ULF waves
  • GAIII13 Fundamental processes: lessons from other magnetospheres
  • GAIII14 Reporter reviews

Division IV

  • IDIV01 Solar-terrestrial connections: International Living With a Star (Divisions IV and III)
  • GAIV01 The Sun: Its interior, atmosphere and wind
  • GAIV02 Physics of the interplanetary medium: From micro- to mesoscales
  • GAIV03 Foreshock, shock, and magnetosheath physics for collisionless shocks
  • GAIV04 Interaction of fast flowing plasmas with the neutral environments of unmagnetized bodies
  • GAIV05 International Heliophysical Year: A program of global research
  • GAIV06 Reporter Reviews

Division V

  • IDV01 Geomagnetism and geospace climatology (Divisions V and III)
  • IDV02 Magnetic anomalies at low latitude (Division V and IDCDC)
  • IDV03 Swarm - Earth's magnetic field and environment explorers
  • GAV01 Magnetic observatories: measurements, quality analysis, and data dissemination
  • GAV02 Indices and algorithms for detecting geomagnetic and space weather events
  • GAV03 High resolution marine magnetics: new techniques and experiments
  • GAV04 World Magnetic Anomaly Map: anomaly definition and calculation
  • GAV05 International Decade for Geopotential Research: Advances in understanding the geomagnetic field
  • GAV06 Uses and applications of geomagnetic field models

Inter-Divisional Commission on Developing Countries

  • IDDC01 Signatures of low-latitude and equatorial geomagnetic variations

  • IDDC02 Recent advances in the investigation of equatorial aeronomic processes

Inter-Divisional Commission on History

  • IDH01 Historical events and people in aeronomy, geomagnetism and solar-terrestrial physics.
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