IAGA in Toulouse - Inter-Divisional Commission on Developing Countries Symposium

IDDC01 Signatures of low-latitude and equatorial geomagnetic variations

The symposium will provide an open forum to present all aspects of geomagnetic variations at the equatorial and low latitude regions. Papers describing the variability of equatorial electrojet on global-scale, using ground and/or satellite data are especially welcome. Distinctive signatures of the equatorial magnetic field that signify solar and geophysical forcing and have applications in space-weather predictions would be of particular interest.

Convenor: Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa. Institute of Geophysics, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam; tel +84 48 363238; fax +84 48 364696; e-mail: nkthoa@fpt.vn
Co-convenors: B.R. Arora. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, India; Heather McCreadie, Kyoto University, Japan

IDDC02 Recent advances in the investigation of equatorial aeronomic processes

Contributions related to recent advances in theoretical and experimental investigations on (i) Equatorial Electrojet (ii) Dynamical Processes and Coupling of the E and F-region and (iii) Plasma Irregularities, with special emphasis on the equatorial and low latitude regions are welcome. The main emphasis of the session will be on obtaining an integrated view of the physical, chemical and electro-dynamic processes that occur in the equatorial and low latitude E and F regions and thereby on working out specific future plans of coordinated observations especially in the developing countries in order to solve the still unresolved problems in the area. Contributions on recent advances that can widen the existing data base on the equatorial and low latitude upper atmosphere and ionosphere are also most welcome.

Convenor: Polinaya Muralikrishna. Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espacions, C.P.515, 12.201-970 SaoJose Dos Campos, Sp, Brazil; tel +55123456841; fax +55124356990; e- mail: murali@dae.inpe.br
Co-convenors: Christine Amory-Mazaudier, CETP, Paris, France; Vafie Doumouya, Universite de Cocody, Cote d'Ivoire

Inter-Divisional Commission on Developing Countries Symposium

IDH01 Historical ervents and people in aeronomy, geomagnetism and solar-terrestrial physics

This interdisciplinary session seeks to describe and explore the varied and powerful history of aeronomy, geomagnetism and solar-terrestrial physics by considering many aspects of this development during past decades. Papers and posters are welcome to biographical studies, history of institutions and research program (e.g. First and Second Polar Year), specific topics in geophysical research.

Convener: Wilfried Schroeder, Geophysical Institute, Hechelstrasse 8, D-28777 Bremen, Germany; e-mail: Geomoppel@t-online.de
Co-Conveners: A. Brekke, Institute Physical Sciences, University of Tromsoe, Tromsö, Norway; J.B. Cao, Center for Space Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China; M. Schulz , Lockheed, Los Angeles, USA.

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