IAGA News 2019

  • March, 20: IAGA and INTERMAGNET express concern about cuts to the United States Geological Survey geomagnetic observatory network in this letter.
  • February, 27: Swedish space pioneer Bengt Hultqvist has passed away
  • IAGA Newsletter No.55 available.
  • IUGG General Assembly in Montreal (Canada), July 8-19, 2019
  • IAGA School 2019: The 4th IAGA School will be held before the IUGG General Assembly at the University of Montreal's Station de Biologie des Laurentides near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. See page Young Scientists for details. The application deadline has passed.
  • IAGA 2019 AWARDS:
    • IAGA Shen Kuo Award for Interdisciplinary Achievements - Prof. Catherine Johnson for contributions intrinsically interdisciplinary, and targeted at holistic understanding of bodies throughout the solar system, especially with respect to the magnetic field of the planet Mercury, and the Earth’s magnetic field within the past five million years.

    • IAGA Long Service Medal - Martin Berg recognise his efforts continuously dedicated to produce the highest quality geomagnetic field data and your devoted work at the Dombås observatory for more than 35 years and to the full satisfaction of the science.

    • IAGA Young Scientist Award - Thomas Gonet, Deepak Kumar Karan, Kseniia Tlatova, Evgenii Shirokov

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