Resolution No.4 (1991): Continuity of Antarctic programs for ISTP/GGS period

IAGA recognising that the ISTP/GGS program will become operational in the 1992-1995 time frame with the expected launch of GEOTAIL, WIND and POLAR spacecraft, together with other major magnetospheric and atmospheric spacecraft missions such as UARS, INTERBALL, CLUSTER and APEX, urges that nations conducting upper atmospheric and space physics research from Antarctica make every effort to ensure continuity of their programs during this period.

Explanation of acronyms provided by President Gendrin:

Programme International Soleil-Terre/Satellite Global pour les Geosciences
Japanese satellite in ISTP for the study of the magnetospheric tail
US satellite in the solar wind (ISTP/GGS)
US polar orbiter (ISTP/GGS)
Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
USSR/International pair of spacecraft for the study of the magnetosphere (one in polar orbit, the other in the tail)
Four ESA/NASA satellites (ISTP)
Active Plasma Experiment in the Earth's Magnetosphere
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