Resolution No.4 (1989): Support to observations in Antarctica

IAGA, recognising that key developments in the understanding of the coupled ionosphere magnetosphere and solar wind system will come from the integration of in situ satellite observations and measurements from spatially related networks of ground observatories and recognising that Antarctica provides a unique platform upon which to deploy an optimum network of ground observatories from which to deploy unmanned experimental facilities in Antarctica, urges national administrations through the ICSU Scientific Committee for Antarctica Research to support the development of an optimum international network of observatories

  1. by coordinating the siting of new unmanned and manned facilities with existing facilities to optimise the spatial coverage;
  2. by ensuring that, as a minimum, measurements of the geomagnetic field and of the absorption of cosmic noise by the riometer technique be made at each site under their control; and
  3. by establishing an international database of these basic measurements to be freely available to all contributing nations.
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