Resolution No. 4 (2019): Importance of the Rapid Magnetic Variation Service and the lists
of Sudden Commencements (SC) and Solar Flare Effects (SFE)

The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA)

  • The outstanding importance of the SC (sudden commencement) and SFE (solar flare effect) data in geomagnetic, ionospheric, space weather, and space climate research


  • That in accordance with IAGA Resolution No. 6 at the XVI IUGG General Assembly (1975), and Resolution No. 8 at the 8 th IAGA Scientific Assembly (1997), the institute of ”Ebro Observatory” is responsible for the collection and preparation of the SC and SFE lists as part of its Rapid Magnetic Variation Service


  • Deep appreciation for the work performed to date by Ebro Observatory, and


  • Funding agencies to make every possible effort to continue the long-term production of SC and SFE lists for the Rapid Magnetic Variation Service by Ebro Observatory.
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