Resolution No.3 (1969): first version

[see below for revised Resolution 3]

The IAGA, considering the planetary and other derived magnetic indices from individual stations, and that more and more such indices are now available compiled from the data of individual stations, recommends

  1. the discontinuation of the publication of C-indices for individual stations in the Bulletin,
  2. the investigation of the possibility that K-indices be put in machine-readable form and stored at a centre with facilities for the mechanical reproduction upon request,
  3. if (ii) is implemented then it is recommended that the discontinuation of the centralised publication of K-indices of individual stations be discontinued but that their K-indices be published in their own yearbooks and bulletins.

[From IAGA News, November 1970, No. 9: "Dr Van Sabben has noted that the English version of Scientific Resolution No. 3, from the Madrid Scientific Assembly, as printed in IAGA News No. 8 and IAGA Bulletin No. 27, is not as explicit and clear as the French version. The Secretary recognises this discrepancy. The Resolution should read as follows:]

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