Resolution No. 3 (2013): Polar Cap (PC) index

IAGA, noting that polar cap magnetic activity is not yet described by existing IAGA geomagnetic indices, considering that the Polar Cap (PC) index constitutes a quantitative estimate of geomagnetic activity at polar latitudes and serves as a proxy for energy that enters into the magnetosphere during solar wind-magnetosphere coupling, emphasising that the usefulness of such an index is dependent on having a continuous data series, recognising that the PC index is derived in partnership between the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI, Russian Federation) and the National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU, Denmark) recommends use of the PC index by the international scientific community in its near-real time and definitive forms, and urges that all possible efforts be made to maintain continuous operation of all geomagnetic observatories contributing to the PC index.

[Note: Renewal of Resolution No.4 (1997) after a long-term dispute about the method to derive the PC index has been settled]

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