Resolution No. 3 (2009): LANL energetic particle database

IAGA, noting that

  • for more than 20 years the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has supported prompt public access to its data base of energetic particle flux observations by geostationary LANL spacecraft;
  • this data base, together with ground measurements, has been widely used by the international scientific community in the studies of plasma dynamics in the ring current and radiation belts as well as for monitoring substorms;
  • open access to this valuable data base was stopped in 2008,

and taking into account that

  • these regular observations provide the best long-term homogeneous data base of energetic particle fluxes in the inner magnetosphere available to the scientific community; and
  • scientific return of a number of current and forthcoming scientific campaigns and projects would be significantly enhanced by adding the LANL energetic particle observations,

expresses great concern at this development and resolves to urge LANL to restore promptly public access by the scientific community to the observations of energetic particle fluxes from geostationary LANL spacecraft.

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