Resolution No.26 (1963): Recommendation for magnetic measurements in the Antarctic and the Indian Ocean

The IUGG considering the observatory, repeat station and survey data now in the World Data Centers and available to the World Magnetic Survey project, and recognising that, in spite of the extensive program initiated during the IGY and subsequently carried forward under the auspices of SCAR, there are still significant gaps in magnetic coverage of the Antarctic continent and adjacent seas, and particularly of the southern Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, calls to the attention of SCAR:

  1. the desirability of urging the various national participants in the scientific program in the Antarctic to undertake in so far as possible extensive magnetic survey work in the Antarctic,
  2. the valuable contributions to the WMS that are now being made by many expeditionary vessels through the use of towed total-field magnetometers and the desirability of increasing this work by the participation of even more countries so that coverage over the southern oceans can be extended, and recommends that this last point be communicated to SCOR, for referral to the Inter-Governmental Oceanographic Commission with particular regard to urging all countries participating in the International Indian Ocean Expedition to add towed magnetometers to their ship programs in the Indian Ocean.
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