Resolution No.2 (2009): Radiation belt studies

IAGA, noting that

  • multiple nations are currently expending significant efforts developing spacecraft missions and related programmes to study the energisation, transport and loss of radiation belt particles,
  • the radiation belts represent a high priority scientific target at the forefront of IAGA interests,
  • the effects of the radiation belts are a significant space weather operational concern for space-faring societies and nations,
  • co-ordinated global scale multi-point measurements combined with theoretical modelling are required to reach science closure in resolving the dominant processes which
  • control radiation belt dynamics,


  • that member nations of IAGA co-operate and collaborate to the maximum extent possible in their aggressive pursuit of observational and modelling programs for radiation belt studies, and
  • to assume a leading scientific role in international coordination in pursuit of radiation belt science through symposia, special sessions, and working group activities so that maximum benefits are derived from current, planned and future satellite missions and programs.
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