Resolution No.1 (1979): Promotion of appointment of delegates to the IUGG Council

IAGA, noting with satisfaction that there are many IUGG member countries carrying out strong scientific programs in IAGA disciplines thus providing a large and important scientific input to IAGA Scientific and General Assemblies, recognising that the most crucial financial decisions directly affecting the operations of IAGA as well as many programmatic decisions are in the purview of the IUGG Bureau, the IUGG Finance Committee and, ultimately, the IUGG Council, encourages the IAGA Adhering Bodies to promote within the IUGG National Committees to which they belong, the appointment of Delegates to the IUGG Council drawn from the disciplines of IAGA, so as to achieve a representation of IAGA interests in the Council, and ultimately in the IUGG Bureau and Finance Committee, that is commensurate with the actual volume of scientific and programmatic work carried out by this Association.

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