Resolution (1964): Establishment of a regional magnetic observatory for calibration of magnetic surveying instruments

This Conference, noting the importance and necessity of calibrating at frequent intervals absolute magnetic instruments used by magnetic observatory in the region, further noting that absolute magnetic instruments in the region were not calibrated frequently enough under one standard, realising the importance of having values of the earth's magnetic field obtained in the same standard of measurement for use in studies of related sciences, recognising that the calibration of magnetic instruments in an existing observatory located within an accessible distance in this region is desirable from the viewpoint of economy, further recognising that this field of activity lies within the province of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), invites the IUGG consider establishment of such a calibration observatory in this region, consider that additional modern instruments and facilities for this proposed magnetic calibration observatory, if necessary, may be requested through United Nations' assistance.

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