Resolution (1987): Free circulation of scientists

IUGG, noting

  1. that Canada had accepted that the Union General Assembly be held in this country in 1987 approximately four years in advance and
  2. that approximately six months before the Assembly, Canada placed severe difficulties in the procedure that South African bona fide scientists had to follow, requiring them to appear personally at a Canadian Embassy outside South Africa to obtain their visas and
  3. that the actions described in (ii) are tantamount to discrimination against certain groups of bona fide scientists, in direct conflict with the International Council of Scientific Union (ICSU) rules relating to the free circulation of scientists

expresses its great concern to the Canadian government and to ICSU about this discrimination and further recommends that ICSU insists that governments which propose and/or accept that scientific assemblies of ICSU bodies be held in their country do not introduce new difficulties in the procedures which are necessary for obtaining visas by bona fide scientists of every country, after such proposal and/or acceptance has been made.

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